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Google Page Cache Checker by Tiny SEO Tools tests the web pages in the GooglePage Cache instantly. This is a quick and easy way to test if Google's search index contains the pages on your website. This tool will inform you if Google knows that such a web page exists and has added it to its index, making it visible in the search results of Google.

How to Use Google Cache Checker?

To use this Google Page Cache Checker tool, simply enter the web page URL you want to check in the space provided, and then click the "Check" button to get your request processed by our program. The results will be produced in just a few seconds.

This Google web cache tool allows you to send multiple URLs (up to 5 URLs) simultaneously, but you must define each URL to one side.

Why we Need Google Cache Checker?

IF you're a website owner or webmaster, this Google web cache checker tool can be of great help to you as this cache analyzer can tell you all of your website's data and link that Google has cached. All links that have been indexed by Google can, therefore, be considered cached URLs, too. This Google cache checker tool is very important because it can significantly help you optimize your search engine.





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