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YouTube downloaders make saving YouTube videos in a format of your choice simple, so we've round up the best in one convenient place.

If you have a sluggish Connection to the internet, you can find that watching videos can be a pain. You can select the videos you are interested in to download overnight with the right YouTube downloader so they are ready and waiting for you to enjoy it in the morning, stutter-free and buffer-free.

How to use it?

When using a downloader for YouTube, you can usually choose to save the entire clip, or just the audio, which is an excellent choice for music videos and video podcasts.

Video Downloader is the best free download tool for fast, fuss-free downloads to YouTube. It is user-friendly, highly customizable, ad-free, and does not include any additional bundled apps.

Simply copy your URL from your web browser, click' Paste URL' and select an output format, quality, and location to grab a video (or a whole playlist, provided it is no longer than 24 videos).

There is a wide selection of formats-both video and audio, including MP4 and MP3. With exclusive videos, you can add captions, and there is support with 3D and 360-degree videos too.

Legality A very vexed question is whether downloading music from YouTube is legal or not. You may think uploading music from YouTube to your computer needs to be illegal because it's the property of someone. But this is not always the way it is. First of all, understanding the different copyright laws in your own country, state, and the town is critical.

You just have to sign up with your username and password. You will log in to your youtube account.

YouTube Downloaders ' primary audience is young people aged 18 to 34. Their interests include movies, television, music, technology, news, comics, animation, etc. The most successful YouTube Downloaders are from the countries below.

Is it better to watch youtube videos online or to view it offline in youtube downloader?

Viewing it online or viewing it later has its advantages and disadvantages. I would like to pinpoint the following points.

Viewing it online

 Memory space is not going to be wasted by storing videos to your smartphone or desktop storage device.

This storage space may be used to store some other valuable data(if any).

You can change the quality depending on the requirement

You will be welcomed with suggestion videos based on the video you are watching Subtitles or captions in different languages

Viewing it offline

When you see or access the video online and see the same use of internet data, the video now occupies some room on your disk.

If you always have a good internet connection with amazing data, you can opt to watch it online because the options you get online are more. Still, when you download and watch videos, you always have the video available, and you can watch it based on your convenience, but in the end, you will delete it sometime or the other day when your phone runs out of storage space.

Another such situation when you can save or download offline videos is when you are traveling by public transport or staff/college bus to office, college, or school. It is the time when you will be able to save the video over wifi and view it while traveling, but not to waste mobile data.




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