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Use this "Links Count Checker" tool to quickly and easily check links on the web pages. This free online tool is what you require if you have to count how many outgoing links on a given page are present. To ensure the accuracy of a website, website owners and webmasters will regularly check their external links on their websites.


Moreover, this tool can help you save money from a less-than-credible service provider and the trouble of paying for advertising or linking building. Using "Link Farms" (pages or websites that only exist to replicate backlinks) is not a good option for optimizing search engines because they have a specialized algorithm that can detect such link building.

 How to use this Link checker tool?

It is very easy to use Link Count Checker. Only enter the URL in the text field and then press the "submit" button. Our system uses a unique algorithm which processes your request and produces the result in an instant. The results show you the following information: Total links External links Nofollow link Dofollow link.

How to get more follow links?

The most effective way to obtain do-follow links is to use the count checker feature on this website. From the test, to make your links more attractive to search engines, you can start implementing the necessary changes on your pages. Both internal and external links must be linked to the content of the web page and used to help you with the SEO in the proper context.


You can also do guest blogging on a similar website that has page authority to help increase website traffic, which may also lead to a better page ranking on various search engines such as Google. The ranking criteria of the search engine employs a unique algorithm that can intelligently process information

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Our Link Count Checker can help you track your web pages using internal, external links and backlinks. It will also state whether they are links to Dofollow or Nofollow. In other words, this is an incoming and outgoing link extractor as well as a counter tool which is extremely beneficial for optimizing the search engine.

This Link Count Checker tool is hugely beneficial in gathering all the information you need to use to improve the quality of a webpage. The website owner usually.






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