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About Website Hit Counter

How To Use Website Hit Counter?


About hit counter

Most websites are uploaded and launched over the internet with each passing moment. Others do very well in search engines, while others continue to struggle with SEO.

You may wonder how, in the search results, we can recognize which websites are doing well. Creating a reputation on the web as a reliable source of information or service is extremely important for a website. On each web page, the search engine spiders crawl and index them to what's appropriate for each search query.

Website traffic is something else that most websites find as it acts as a key component in search engine optimization. Apart from being credited through search engines,

How to use our hit counter tool?

On your website, you can install the visitor traffic counter by merely entering the web page URL you want to track and then specifying the number you want to start.

It is a great way to increase the number of visitors, particularly for newly launched websites because as the number of visitors to the website increases, the more people will consider the site too. You will get the feeling the website is trustworthy, which is why more tourists are gaining.

You can also pick the number of digits you want to view in the visitor counter, and then choose whether you want the table to be available to all or restrict only to selected guests.

Ultimately, click "Generate Password" to get the code that you can use when installing on your website. You may place the website traffic calculator where you want on your website.


Does it need to pay or register before using this counter tool?

You can use this counter-tool online whenever you like. Registration is not necessary, and it comes to you FREE of charge. You are only several minutes away from the user hit count in having an HTML code that you can use to track the number of visits to your website.

You will get the following information after using our Hit counter

Regular and monthly flow in the traffic of your website

 Number of website visits or blog visits

 Search engines and keywords used

 Identify the backlink of your website

See the country and the city of your website visitors

 Our website visitor counter is free; we do not allow our users to register or provide any personal information. You can use it whenever you like, all you need to do is enter the URL, pick the counter type you want to install on your website, and then assign a number to start calculating. Then, by clicking the "Generate File" button, our program will process your request.




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