PowerPoint to PDF


Powerpoint to PDF

Brief Introduction

Microsoft switched its Word document file to Docx format. It meant that people with the older Microsoft Office word version can not open those files. The same was true for other software for the Microsoft office. Microsoft went ahead and changed the format that is not downwards compatible with file saving.

On the other hand, they can be saved in PDF file format irrespective of which version a text, spreadsheet or presentation is being made in Microsoft's Office applications. PDF files do not depend on operating systems, hardware or applications and can be used across multiple platforms;

Apart from being individual PDF files on the website, it can not be changed or manipulated. Several security levels can be applied to the PDF files. PDF files may be protected by a password; they may be viewed but may not be downloaded. Even if attempts are made to alter a PDF file, traceable evidence of tampering will be left out.

Advantages of PDF files

Quite often we come across websites where the content can be read, but we can't download or alter it. Therefore PDF files are much safer in other formats than files. Just to make sure your PowerPoint presentation is not altered when you send it or is not downloaded and altered; you should save it as a PDF file and submit it. The PDF file will contain the same content as the original PowerPoint file as no file will be altered by PDF.

Go from your internet browser to seotoolls.com and scroll down to the PowerPoint to PDF icon.

 Click it on, and the tool opens.

 Another way to get to the utility is through your search browser to copy/paste seotoolls.com/powerpoint-to-pdf and get straight to the application.

 Select the PowerPoint file, whether it is in pptx or pptx format does not matter. The program transforms both of these formats into PDF formats.

Click on the' convert' icon after you have selected the file, and wait a few seconds.

 The utility will tell you your file is ready in PDF format. You can download it now, and save it. You can now see how easy it is to save the PowerPoint presentation files in PDF.

You don't need to download and install any software, and you can use this handy tool anywhere. Don't worry if some of your presentations have been saved in Microsoft PowerPoint's pre-2007 version and your latest presentations are in the newer version. This tool can handle and convert both versions in PDF format. Converting and saving all of your presentations in PDF format would actually be a good idea. Don't worry you can also use a PDF file to make a presentation, so you are not restricted to using PowerPoint. Furthermore, any computer can open PDF files which makes them extremely versatile. So go ahead and use this convenient tool to convert and save PowerPoint files in PDF format






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