What is TXT?

The.txt file extension is among the most important types of files. The file typically consists only of plain text and does not contain any formatting. A.txt file can be accessed by almost any program that can manage text. As a response this format remains relevant with all platforms and operating systems due to its support. The type of file is one of the oldest types of files in existence, with its roots tracing back to the first computers.

What is PDF?

PDF files are used to keep your document formatting and to keep your data safe, especially in situations when sending a file to someone. Normally files are sent in a PDF format because the model can be stored on another computer when displayed

Efficient conversion of PDF to TXT Converter

PDF to TXT has never been so simple. The tool is designed to meet officials ' needs, so they can quickly turn the uneditable file into the editable text. No need to download, sign, and have credentials. Free online translation of your scanned documents into 24x 7 TXT format with just one button. Like other PDF Tools, drag and drop mechanism works as well.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

 The tool is designed to keep all app users ' needs in perspective. You just need a device and internet access, because it's web-based, to make it convenient for yourself. That's why the device is familiar with all Windows, Ios,iOS, Linux, UNIX or CentOS Operating System platforms.

How does it convert?

This PDF to TXT converter is capable of converting PDF (Portable Document Format) to TXT (Plain Text).

How to Use: Pick a file called PDF.

To start uploading your file click on the "Convert" button.When upload is complete, the converter will redirect a web page to display the result of the conversion.

Remark: If the process of uploading files takes a very long period of time or no response or is very slow, please try canceling and then send it again.

This conversion can't support secure or encrypted ebook files.If file origin is a URL, be sure to enter a full and legitimate URL to your file.

How does it protect your privacy of documents?

We care about your privacy. After the conversion is complete all your PDF and TXT files will be permanently deleted from our servers. No one can access the data and your privacy is 100% secure.





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