What is PS?

In addition, PostScript is both a programming language and a form of script. Applications such as Adobe Acrobat or QuarkXpress create typical files. Also a legacy file format, most scanners and programs keep supporting this format, with the only requirement being a PostScript-enabled printer utility. The file simply contains a list of instructions telling the printer what to print and including the coordinates on the site where to print an object or document.

What is PDF?

PDF files are used to keep your document formatting and to keep your data safe, especially in situations when sending a file to someone. Normally files are sent in a PDF format because the model can be stored on another computer when displayed.

Key Service Features for using our converters

 Works online from any popular online browser

 Files are uploaded via secure HTTPS link

 Uploaded data is removed immediately after the conversion process.

 Convert as many files as you need, no limits are set.

About PDF to PS online converter

The PDF to PS (PostScript) converter is provided online by seotoolls.com. The PDF to PS Online Converter is available free of charge 24 X 7, is easy to use and is super fast. No need to install additional apps or add-ons. Effectively perform PDF to PS Conversion on Seotoolls.com.

Convert PDF to PS perfectly. We do not really compromise for anything on price. To produce a PDF that suits the standard of your PS file, we auto-detect the PS DPI.

Convert without trouble Our simple PDF to PS converter makes life easier. We do our best to isolate all the information you need to convert PDF to PS, so that you can convert files with a single click.

Support all platforms

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome.... We had it covered. When you use our web application.

Highly efficient cloud technology

 We manage all of your content on cloud servers, you don't have to think about any of those. This means you get the fastest time to convert and the best speed for upload.

Conversion into PS in Highest Quality

 PDF isn't that hard. But it's hard to guarantee quality. Luckily, our server will give you the best quality to convert your PDF file to PS using our solutions, the best solution provider on the market.

How does it convert?

STEP 1 To convert to PS format, pick a text file from your device or your  Drive or Dropbox account, in the Pdf format.

STEP 2 Select PS format as the output format and press the Convert button, you can get your required result after uploading.

STEP 3 Wait once your file is uploaded and converted to PS font format, you can download the converted file , and also remove the file from the Download page.





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