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Password Generator

Password generator for safe Logins

The motive for using a strong one is to keep it unimaginable or un-discoverable.

Only the password keeper uses a password, and it is up to him whether he wants to share it with others or whether he wants to keep it to himself. The reason that there are passwords is to keep your data from being explored by strangers whenever we sign up for an online account; verification is the first step it takes. This confirmation step involves human validation that a person creates a statement, not a bot, and the websites require secure, hard passwords among these steps.

The use of a password generator

This safe and unique password generator is best used when you need to add a one-time passcode to a file. Those types of data will either be deleted after uploading, or the password will be changed, so you can create a list of passwords that can be used for this.

What are the advantages of a password generator?

A password generator will create a password that can not be cracked or guessed, because you know the longer the password, the easier it is to find the right combination, but it becomes invulnerable when you include certain characters. A massive list of passwords can be easily generated and stored for later use. You can use OTP (one-time-password) if you think someone might find out about your private data.


Did you know: There are no more than six characters in a standard password, and people with lousy memory retain it.

These passwords can easily be broken if a password cracker is used, mainly when it is in one case. Rather than using six, you should use at least eight characters and include upper case, lower case letters, and numbers. This form of the password is even hard for a supercomputer to crack. It will take a supercomputer about five years to break such a password.

How does it work?

In the first choice, you have to choose the length of the password (number of characters), which should be at least 8 to get the most excellent good passwords, mainly if the account you are going to use contains dominant information.

Click on “generate” to generate the password.

You should keep your password single cased in the set of checkboxes you have different options, but it's easily hackable with today's password crackers. So, we encourage you to use all the choices or leave just one unchecked and make sure you regularly update your passwords.




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