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What is an IP address?

IP ' means "Internet Protocol." And here, "protocol" refers to the communication rules and guidelines regulating computer networks. The portion of  IP password "address" refers to a particular set of numbers that are connected to all of your Internet activities.

Putting all of this together, an Internet Protocol address is a string of unique, period-separated numerical identifier that is carried by each computer in a network. It covers all single machines, routers, modems, printers, switches, and any other tools that are part of a TCP / IP network.

Versions and types of IP address

There are usually two versions of IP addresses— version 4 of the Internet Protocol (IPv4) and version 6 of the Internet Protocol (IPv6).

Internet Protocol Version 4 was the first to be developed and consisted of a 32-bit number. It is graded into various classes, from Class A to Class E.

 Internet Protocol Version 6 is a 128-bit IP address and was designed to take off the IPv4 load that had become proliferative and somewhat tired as a result of the Internet's rapid growth.

How does “MY IP ADDRESS” work?

What is My IP address you don't need to do something special to start using it other than visiting the web page (https:/ Once you're on the website, the tool will automatically pull all the information mentioned above to view directly before you?

What is the significance of IP addresses?

IP addresses have two primary purposes, namely: They are used for computer network interface recognition and also serve to provide a location for these devices.

Because IP addresses are unique identifiers, computers are empowered to send and receive information from and to other machines within a given network. It helps computers from different systems to locate one another, communicate smoothly, and share information, among other things.

The meaning of IP addresses is, of course, much more complicated than this. But we're trying to keep the "water under the knees" here so you won't get distracted, so concentrate on the main stuff instead.





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