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About Link Tracker

SEO, webmasters, used to think that it is rating on search engines would be higher the more connections they had to their websites. Some went so far as to buy spam links that were being freely sold on the internet. Google, a genius search engine, wanted to investigate these various links, and when its crawler found that the links were spam links, it banned the site and ignored it. Some websites allow the creation of links to other websites. But the webmaster of these sites must not grant unconditional permission to create links to every website that exists on the internet. When you allow other websites to connect to your site, then you must track the links to your site.

Link types:

Each website has two forms of links, which are:

• Internal links

• Backlinks

Interior links: These are links referring to other sites on the same website. For example, your website contains fifteen pages of material. You may list them all on the main page of your site and link them to the respective content page. When a user visits your website and is interested in reading a specific page's material, he or she simply clicks the link, and the page is opened.

Backlinks: These are those links through which a website user may click and go to another website. Backlinks are links to websites other than those. Looking at a Wikipedia article, you're bound to come across backlinks.

 It can be quite a tedious task to keep track of the links to a website, especially if you decide to check every link to your site. If you have thousands of backlinks on your website, you may forget to sit down and monitor each connection physically. It's where a Link tracking device comes in handy and will do the job you'd need to do forever.

All you need to do is get into your web browser and go to and click on the' Link Tracker ' button. Copying / pasting into your browser will be a more natural way to get to this website.

Link trackers KeepYour File Safe

Running a regular check on the links to your website will ensure your website is safe from spam and hackers. They still try to break into sites and inflict irreparable damage on them. Therefore, use this useful link tracker also among the other tasks that you perform on your website. Your web hosting and some malware. Yet hyperlinks can escape scrutiny and destroy sites.

By adding HTML tracking code to the header portion of your website, you can apply to track directly to your site. It will monitor the links, but you will still have to use the' Link Tracker ' tool provided by to test and verify the links. The device is free, and you can use it whenever you like service provider will have a firewall that will protect sites from viruses. Then just go ahead and add it to the SEO toolbox, and regularly use it.




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