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How to use this link analyzer tool?

To use this Link Analyzer tool, enter the web page URL you wish to analyze and pick whether you want to access external links, internal links, or both. You could also check the box to find out the no-follow links.


This Link Analyzer method will immediately produce outcomes. It will show a report including all inbound and outbound connections, as well as the anchor text associated with it. If the page includes any hyperlinked images, the alt attribute of that image will be shown as the anchor text.

 How does this link analyzer tool work?

This SEO tools free website link checker is created to help website owners and webmasters as well as SEO experts to analyze the links on a website. This powerful tool can identify the links while spiders are crawling on a specific page of your website. What you have to do is write your website's URL in the text box, then press the "Analyze Links" button. Our program will process your request in just a few seconds and will show the results.


Importance of link analyzer tool

Impact on your website of Search Engine rankings is very high, and it is measured by a distinct parameter which only the search engine just like Google knows. That is why it is also best to keep your web pages free from broken links and other errors as it will help you rank higher on the result pages of the search engine. This free online link checker will help you determine if you have broken links or bad links on your web pages.

What do you get from this Link analyzer?

The total number of links that can be found on your website.

The number of internal connections found on a web page.

The number of links external to a web page.

Follow the number of no follow and do follow links on a web page.

This link analyzer is an extremely useful tool for keeping track of links that are embedded in your website or blog. This method allows you to evaluate both internal and external links that are related to your website.


With the aid of this website link checker, the dead links can be easily identified and removed to improve the quality of the article. It is beneficial for your website because it can help search engine optimization. This will give you a better chance to get a good page ranking for your web pages.





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