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HTML Decoder

HTML Decoding in the decoding process is the reverse of the encoding process; the specially encoded characters are translated back to their original form. Decodes a string of numerical HTML character references, and returns the decoded string.

 HTML Decoder transforms text that is already encoded for known HTML characters with either designated escape codes or numerical escape codes

Details regarding the selected escape codes and numeric escape codes are available by the HTML Encoder.

HTML decoding is a process where the encoding process is the opposite. You can see the encoding characters translated back to their original form within the decoding process.

How to Decode a File?

Load the HTML data and decode the file data, then press the Decode button.

You must browse a file or type the appropriate text HTML data

• Then press the Decode button.

• It will decrypt later, and the decoded data will be available.

 HTML Decoders are composed of several tools that allow you to decode data using different methods. Count words free implementation supports the string text, string entry, and input file. If the data you want to interpret is in the form of a short string, you consider using a file as an input. On the other side, we advise you to use a file as an input for more extensive input data.




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