Encrypt PDF



Encrypt PDF

How does it work?

Below we'll show how to encrypt a secret PDF file and how to add restrictions on PDF.

Click the' Download ' button and pick files from your local PC.

Drag and drop files onto the screen works as well.

You can also choose PDF files from Dropbox or Google Drive files.Expand the dropdown' Upload' and pick files you like

Choose a strong password Users  when opening a document

What is PDF?

PDF files are used to keep your document formatting and to keep your data safe, especially in situations when sending a file to someone. Normally files are sent in a PDF format because the model can be stored on another computer when displayed.

Key Service Features for using our converters

 Works online from any popular online browser

 Files are uploaded via secure HTTPS link

 Uploaded data is removed immediately after the conversion process.

 Convert as many files as you need, no limits are set.

What does this tool offer in terms of privacy and display?

 Your privacy is important to us. And we do not store your files for more than 24 hours. It will always be removed from our list, automatically. When you question the download link the link won't work after 24 hours either. We have applied this attribute to your protection. Because we do not want your records to be kept as it can be your personal files too. Even if you save the converted file directly from our website to Google Drive or DropBox it won't be removed from there. For more information please visit our privacy policy page.

Free online service providing protection against unauthorized access to PDF documents.

Free Encryption PDF File. Seotoolls.com allows easy and fast locking of PDF documents.

Very easy to work with. You can drag and drop your.pdf files with our service, and set the password to encrypt.

Super Security Service. Any files accessed will be permanently deleted within 15 minutes. Our focus is your safety.

Open to 100 percent. No registration required. No correct email address. Only concentrate on encryption in pdf format.





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