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Geo-tracking is quite common today. A satellite network and mobile phone towers help to provide the exact location of an IP address. If you want to know the location of an IP address, you must use a Geo IP locator tool for this. The geographical location of a computer terminal can be identified via the IP address of the terminal. While a Geo IP locator tool can locate the city where the machine is located, the exact location cannot be determined. Geo IP locator is not the perfect tool to locate where an internet-connected device is located; it may narrow down the search. You'll need to use extra resources to track the exact location of an IP address. A Geo IP locator will tell then only what city an IP is located in.

Geo IP Locator Application

You can use geo IP locator to build your marketing strategy. Because once you know the area where most are located, you can target them. Large organizations use this method to devise various marketing strategies for clients in different geographic locations. For example, if an organization discovers that several of its customers are in Mexico, they may decide to change its definition of the product to Spanish.


An online e-commerce business may also use this application to monitor its customers. For instance, if they receive a huge order for' cash on delivery,' they might become suspicious and want to find out if the order is valid. For satellite navigation systems the geo IP location is also used. It monitors your location when you turn the device on in your car, and then uses a street map to lead you to your destination. This will continue to track your movement. Looking ahead is also smart enough, and if it sees a swarm of IP signals emitted from a traffic junction, it will alert you of traffic ahead. You can also find alternative routes for Smart Satellite navigation systems. With the use of a geo-tracking via satellite and IP, IP locator has become a handy tool





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