BMP to text

What is BMP?

Files with the BMP extension represent Bitmap Image files used to store digital images. Such images are independent of the graphics adapter, and are also called file format system independent bitmap (DIB). Such freedom helps to access the file on multiple platforms such as Windows and Mac. The BMP file format can store data in both monochrome and color format as two-dimensional digital images with varying color depths.

How to convert BMP to text?

Drag and drop your BMP files in the box above and we'll turn the files into Txt for you. Just make sure the document has a regular font that can be recognized by a single look before converting the document. Since we suggest you use traditional fonts such as "Times New Roman," "Arial" etc. for better conversion rate.

 Click on "Convert Now" after the files are uploaded. Wait a few seconds, and see the effects of the processing. Converting BMP to Txt is simpler now than you'd think. BMP to Txt is now just a click away!

 Why is BMP an Efficient converter?

Effective conversion of BMP to TXT Converter BMP to TXT has never been so easy. The tool is designed to meet officials ' needs, so they can quickly turn the uneditable file into the editable text. No need to install, sign, and have credentials. Free online translation of your scanned documents into 24x 7 TXT format with just one button. Like other PDF Tools, drag and drop mechanism works as well.

Privacy and security

 The transformation process from BMP to TXT is in real time. We don't save your vital file and make sure no one can access your file as we care about the confidentiality of your data. The privacy and security of your paper is our big concern. Feel free to convert BMP to TXT for free online.






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