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The DA PA Checker Tool allows users to check the DA score and spam score of a website. It also shows backlinks profiles and the authority of a site. It gives you an estimate of the site authority in search engines.

What's Moz's domain authority (DOMAIN AUTHORITY)?

The Domain Authority is a "Moz Trust metric" that is calculated using multiple factors. It is based on a 100 point scale. One of these factors is:

  • Total number of backlinks
  • Number of unique domains

A high domain authority score equals a strong backlink profile in Moz’s algorithm.
The same applies to websites with low domain authority scores. Websites may not have quality backlinks.

How to check domain authority?

Paste URLs into the bulk DAPA checker. Next, click the "Check Authority” button to search for DA PAs with a spam score.

Click on the values to sort the results. Once you're done checking, you can download Excel reports and open them later.

Why our DA PA checker tool?

Many free DA/PA checker tools online offer the possibility to check Moz rank. Our bulk DA checker is the best way to verify Moz Trust for a site (site authority).

The Moz logarithmic scale is used to develop our DA PA checker. Here are its main features.

Features of PA DA Checker

  • Raw data – This option extracts URLs from raw data and checks the DA for all domains.
  • URLs Listing - Copy and paste clean URLs to verify website authority.
  • Spam Score – Our DA PA Checker returns a result with a spam rating
  • Page authority It predicts how a page will rank in SERPs.
  • IP Address - This shows the IP address of a website as well as where it is being managed. This allows you to determine if a set of websites are PBN.
  • Bulk DA Tester - With our DA checker, you can check the DA and PA for 500 domains simultaneously.
  • Google Indexed Pages Searcher - This tool, along with spam score and da pa, allows you to check indexed pages on Google for every domain.
  • Download Excel Report One-Click Excel File Download Option for Checked URLs.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker (Freemium)

Moz only gives DA for one domain per search. Premium Moz users cannot verify the domain authority for more than one website. Users would need to check each domain individually.

We offer bulk domain checking, which is different from Moz. This makes it easy for SEOs. SeoTools's bulk DA PA Checker allows you to check bulk domains (100).

The following are plans to verify bulk domain authority:

Premium User

You can instantly check the DA of 100 websites if you are a premium user.

Register User (Free)

Register as a user to check the Moz DA score of 20 websites. The DA checker will only show the spam score for the first two websites.

Visitors (Free).

You can visit 10 websites at once if you're a visitor (unregistered user). To check the DA of all 10 websites, refresh the page. However, DA Checker will only show the spam score for the first two websites.

Good Domain Authority (Moz DA) score?

Moz says there is no "good" or "bad domain authority score.

The closer a website's DA PA score is to 100, generally speaking, the higher its domain authority. Similar to the previous point, the closer a website is to 0, the lower their DA score will be.

Here is a table to help you understand what constitutes a good authority score.

Domain Authority Niveau
0-10 Worst
10-30 Bad
30-40 Acceptable
40-50 Average
50-60 Good
60-90 Excellent
90-100 Ideal

What is a bad Spam Score?

Moz uses 17 flags to calculate the spam score. Below is the relationship between the number and probability of spam score.


This is how Moz categorizes a bad or high spam score.

Spam Score Level
1-30% Low
31-60% Medium
61-100% High

Why do high domain authority and lower spam scores matter?

Focus on the following ranking factors:

  • Quality links
  • Avoiding spammy links
  • Enhancing user experience
  • Enhancing social media presence

How can you Improve domain authority?

Here are some ways to increase the Mozrank on your website.

Guest blogging

Because link equity is a giving and taking process, you should write quality content for a guest posting. You will be able to get high authority mentions if you link to quality websites.

These links can be either do follow or not followed and will improve your Moz rank.

Hiring an SEO agency

Using a professional SEO agency will improve your website.

They can build backlinks to websites, create a link building strategy and avoid low-quality links.

How does the Domain Authority Checker Tool Help to Improve SEO?

Domain and Page Authority show the progress and efforts of a website in off-page SEO, strategy and social signals and their potential ranking on SERPs.

The Moz rank is a way to get a better understanding of the SEO and ranking for a website.

Page authority and domain authority are good indicators of the authority and position of a domain. But, improving DA is not the only goal.

SEO metrics and other factors are important to consider when setting goals for SEO to rank higher than your direct competitors.

A way to do this is to find quality backlinks on reputable websites that are relevant and of high quality. A web owner or SEO must verify the domain authority of websites before building backlinks. A bulk DA checker tool would be the best option in this instance.

Website authority is defined by quality links, domain score, and the total number of root domains.

How to improve position on Google search engine?

These are the key factors that will improve your Google search engine ranking. These are not the only important factors. This detailed article is available on the topic.

  • Write high-quality content
  • Maintain Quality Site Speed
  • Do some on-page SEO
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Add External Links (Outbound links)
  • Add internal links (Inbound Links).
  • Remove Broken Links
  • Look for relevant link building opportunities
  • Lower Bounce Rate

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