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Brief introduction of Blacklist lookup tool:

The new free SEO tool on Blacklist Lookup to check if most of the online SPAM Database Server blacklists your IP. It is a useful SEO tool, and you can use it by simply entering your Website's Address and clicking the checker button to start the search and see the search results. In the concert of our small SEO resources, this blacklist search tool is provided free of charge to imagine the status of the scientific discipline of your Website across a range of databases.


No need to be forced either to move some program to your computer or device. The hunt for the blacklist is your issue now, thanks to immediately finding your Website.

 What are Blacksited sites?

There are thousands of internet sites that contain' abusive hosts ' lists. Such lists are looked at by email service providers and ISPs to protect their customers from possible malware, viruses, or other nasty stuff.

There are so many blacklist lists of websites that it becomes virtually impossible for a website owner to verify his or her Website is listed on any pages. Hence you need to use a tool to test if your Website is on any blacklist. If so, then you need to take action to remove it from the register. Google search software can be used to check the list of blacklists on Google.

Using Blacklist lookup

A more natural way to check whether there is a website on any list of blacklisted sites is to go to and navigate to the' blacklist lookup' icon. Or you may copy/paste into your browser's search window. You need to know your Domain's IP address. Enter the IP address and execute the test. This tool just tests if your site is on the DNSBL list.

You can use other resources that are available on the internet to verify if your Website is on any other website.

Why could a website get blacklisted?

We've explained why a website could get blacklisted. We have also developed a handy tool to use for testing if your Website is blacklisted. You will need to take the necessary measures to protect your Website from malware, viruses, and hackers. There are some tools for defending your Website.

Never trick yourself into using some links from unknown websites. You can review your backlinks periodically, to make sure they come from' safe' pages. Although there are millions of legitimate sites, there are some very malicious people out there trying to hack and exploit websites. You have to keep them safe. If any of your website visitors complain, they can not access your sites.





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