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About Article Scraper

What is Article scraper?

An Article scraper is an online software system that collects data from multiple websites. Let's say for a second; you wanted to find out what kind of content there is on a "unique keyword" or what material is published on the competitors ' website.

This article scraper gets you your entire, niche-relevant content whenever you need it with just one single click of a button. You can then transfer the scraped text into our Best Free Articles Rewriter Tool. You've got dozens of new, original pieces of content ready for posting anywhere on the site.

How does it work?

Type your desired Keyword or content topicin the search box

Select the source from which you want to collect the items

 Choose how many articlesyou want to receive per scrape round-10, 20 or 30

 Click the "Scrape" button.

Who gets the benefit from this Article scraper tool?

For online marketers, Article Scraper is handy. You can get articles to your target keyword by manually searching for those articles, by spinning articles or by rewriting those scraped articles using the SEOTools Article Rewriter tool, and by using them on your PBN or cash sites.


In the past, finding articles from excellent websites relevant to their keywords was very challenging and time-consuming for online entrepreneurs. Still, now we made this undertaking super smooth with the aid of creating such a fantastic resource for the web community.

Scrapping is an easy task or not?

It's pretty easy to scrap entire Html web pages, and scaling such a scraper isn't tricky either. If you are trying to extract specific information from the sites/pages, things get much harder.

Application for using Article scrapers

There are gazillions of web scraping applications and uses that reach through major business categories today, some of which include but are not limited to:

 Search Engine Optimization




Social media

Sales lead




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